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How Do You Know It’s Time To Remove A Tree

Trees are a wonderful gift from nature. We can gain a lot of things from a tree. For one, it can give us shade from the blazing heat of the sun, it can give us shelter and wood, and it can also be an additional décor to our properties. That is why a tree is a very important factor for us and to our society. However, no matter how many benefits a tree can give us, there will come a day where it needs to go away, especially if it’s already rotting and dying and is no longer useful to you and your family.

Why Remove A Tree?

Removing a tree can also be a good thing for you and your family for a dead and old tree can also be troublesome if you let it stay in your property for a long time. It can attract insects that are very dangerous and can also be a reason for many damages on your property.

Signs That You Need To Remove Your Tree

When a tree is no longer useful, then it’s time to remove it for good. If you think that the trees in your yard have signs like the following, be sure to have it removed before it can cause you more troubles. A tree needs to be removed if:

  • It has fungus growing around its trunk – fungus growth around a tree can be the first sign that your tree is already dead and is no longer useful to you and your property.
  • There are obvious tree trunk damages – if there are vertically lined damages all over a tree, it is actually another sign that it’s starting to die. If there is only a smooth wooden area on your tree and has no bark at all, then it’s also considered as dead since barks are one of the things a healthy tree should have.
  • Your tree has bare branches – it is a well-known fact that if a tree has no more leaves growing on its branches, then it is no longer a healthy tree.
  • The tree has damaged roots – one sign that a tree has damaged roots is that it is slightly leaning or is no longer standing straight like it used to. The leaning of your tree is probably caused by damaged and unhealthy roots that can no longer hold its weight.
  • It attracts insects – insects like termites and ants love to live inside a wood – which is why if you notice that inside of your tree is becoming a home for these insects or pests, it is best to know that you need to remove it before it can be a tree full of termites and ants.
  • Falling branches – if you see that there are instances or a lot of dead branches around your tree, it is also a sign that it is no longer healthy and is starting to wither and die. If you have trees like these lying around your property, remove it immediately.