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Perhaps you’ve had a busy weekend in the backyard chopping down your mini forest and now you’ve got a 6-foot-tall pile of branches, leaves and logs that you’re not sure what to do with. Or perhaps you plan to leave the hard work of chopping the tree down to us, either way that’s a lot of organic material that you need to get rid of. Luckily, as Ipswich’s #1 Arborist we come prepared with our own variety of effective chipper machines!

Save Yourself the Effort, We’ve Got This

No tree trunk or branch is too much, or too little, for our state-of-the-art chippers. They will be turned into a pile of woodchips and saw dust before you can even say yes to us. This is honestly the best way to process all the foliage as it is done instantly and we can take the waste with us once it is done, unless you prefer to keep them to use as mulch.

Do You Already Have Dead Trees & Branches?

Sometimes we get calls to exclusively come into a home and get rid of a tree that someone has cut down. Taking down the tree is not a task that solely we can do. You can still give us a call or contact us to chip the tree. It would be better if you have given us a call as soon as you have gotten the tree or branch down. Having old tree barks lying around? We can also chip that for you!

How Large of a Tree can You Handle?

Sometimes we would receive calls from people telling us that they have a million-foot tree that they need to have taken down and chipped up. The size of the tree that needs to be taken care of does not matter to us, we assure you that we are going to find a way to get it done. No need for you to worry about the size of the tree, just go ahead and give us a call so we can come over and help you.

One by One or All at Once

People also often ask us whether they should have the trees cut down or chipped on a one per visit basis or have them down all at once. These questions are usually asked by people to know which method is cheaper or of better value. We recommend getting all the work done at once even if it is a bit pricier.

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