Tree Removal Ipswich

7 Steps In Removing An Old Tree

A tree can be a very beneficial thing to us. It can give us shade from the heat of the sun and it can also add décor and value to our properties. While having a tree in your area can be a great thing, after it has died and is no longer useful to you it can somehow be overbearing for it can cause a lot of troubles for you and your family – which is why it is very important to remove your dead tree.

The Importance of Removing an Old and Dead Tree

Old and dead trees can cause you lots of trouble. One of the many dangers it can cause is a falling branch that can either hit you or anyone from your family. Aside from that, it can also be a home for ants and termites which are quite troublesome for your property. Trees that are no longer useful and dead can also make your property look unattractive.

Seven Steps In Removing Your Old Tree

Now that you know the importance of removing an old and dead tree, the next thing you need to learn is how to safely and perfectly remove it from your property. Here we have listed three different ways in successfully removing an old tree:

  1. Prepare and wear safety gears and equipment before cutting down a tree – you need to be fully geared in order to cut your tree with safety. You will need a helmet, safety goggles, hearing protection, respirator, steel toed leather boots, gloves, pants, and a long sleeves shirt.
  2. Clear the surroundings around your tree – remove any hindrance around the area where you will cut your that can cause damages or danger like tables, cars, children, pets, etc.
  3. Determine where you like your tree to fall – this way, you can avoid hitting people or any other objects.
  4. Make 2 escape routes – you must plan a way where you will run after cutting down your tree, and in case of emergency, you can use the second way if something bad happens.
  5. Cut your tree in a certain angle – it is better to cut half of your tree in a 70 degree angle. Cut it until it’s ¼ of the diameter of your tree.
  6. Cut the other half – after cutting in on a certain angle, cut the other half horizontally.
  7. Escape through your escape route.