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Trees, bushes, and shrubs are a wonderful addition to your garden, they provide shelter from the heat and the rain, provide you with a great scenery and can also make or break the feel of any garden. These are just a few of the many reasons why it is important to ensure that your garden is properly pruned giving you the most out of it.

Trees or greenery that are not pruned or taken care of properly can obstruct paths and driveways, restrict natural sunlight, block drains, and fills gutters with foliage, annoys neighbors and is awful to look at.

Some people may think they can do things the easy way and do it themselves, the so-called amateur arborists. There is really a vast difference between an amateur and a professional pruner. Crooked hedges, broken branches, over pruned and other under-pruned areas that looks fine to you but other people might think it is hideous.

When to Prune & When to Cut

You need to make several decision before being able to fully give your trees the look that you are going for. You need to know when and why trees should be cut down and differentiate when pruning or removal of trees is needed. And there are other factors that you must also consider in making that decision.

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Benefits of Regular Pruning & Cutting

  • Increase sunlight that passes through you windows, which improves your mood and brightens your day.
  • Prolong the life of the tree, removing dead branches, flowers and leaves giving the tree more resources, room and energy, and encourages fresh growth and is overall a healthy way to look after your tree
  • Keep driveways, paths and public areas neat, tidy and free of rogue branches and the waste they leave everywhere.
  • It makes your garden look fantastic, fresh, and makes your entire property stand out in a very positive way. You don’t want to become “that” house in the street with the wild garden that people snicker about behind your back.

Regular Servicing

We see ourselves as a good company that is composed of friendly people looking after their clients, and offers special pricing for clients who request regular pruning & cutting services. You will get the same company who knows your preferences, whom you can trust, and will get the job done quickly without a fuss. We will be glad to regularly service your garden at whatever frequency that suits you.

Top of the Line Equipment

We are always going to use state-the-art equipment to make the clean cuts that this service requires. Using the right equipment is a crucial part of the service. The equipment must be sharp to cut cleanly so the leaves and branches do not look like they were just ripped off the tree. We do not make much talk about the type of equipment we have on hand, but we assure you that it is overly important to have it!

If you gardens have been looking a bit wild and out of control just give us a call and we will have your garden looking on par with the botanical gardens, or even better. Trust us, we are Ipswich’s number 1 Tree Services company, and we assure you that your neighbors will notice. 

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