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Tree Removal

Do you have a tree in your backyard or front yard that is getting old, dropping a few large or branches, or which looks like it is about to? A tree that is causing issues in your garden, paths, or house foundations? What you have in your hand is a tree that needs to be removed. Hesitation of some people to have trees removed from their yards is mostly because of environmental concerns, but you also have to be wise and know when something needs to be removed and move forward. We understand your reluctance, however, there are instances that engaging in tree lopping services are going to be the best option to choose. It could also be aesthetically beneficial to your garden, as well as remove a potential safety hazard, or in many cases, both.

If you’re in Need of Tree Removal in Ipswich reach out to us for a free quote.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is an example of the importance of hiring a good arborist and not just a random person without any experience in the field. You may have tried removing a stump but it keeps on going down, and the roots continuously spread out far and wide for anyone to dig up and remove. 

Stumps have the same difficulties that comes with having a tree on your property having roots breaking up the concrete and similar things. Most of the time these stumps do not grow back to full size so you cannot make use of it as a shade or get the look of a full tree. Having it removed is probably the best decision to make.

Stump Grinding Ipswich
Stump Removal Ipswich

Stump Grinding

Grinding the stump instead of removing it is another option if the stumps are too large or too deep for removal. Grinding is a simple process where the entire stump is ground up into small chips of wood using a grinder. The stump is being shredded completely only leaving behind wood chip mulch that may also be useful for your garden. Grinding do not leave behind a giant, ugly and potentially dangerous hole that still needs to be filled up which often happens in stump removal.

We will discuss with you whether your stump needs removal or should be taken care of with the grinder.

Tree Pruning & Cutting

Proper trimming and pruning is needed from time to time in order for you to keep your trees looking great all year round. Tree pruning is a service that we offer on a recurring basis upon the client’s request. 

Having overgrown trees and foliage lying around will begin to make your yard look messy with dropping branches and fallen leaves everywhere. If you like the way that we work you can always get on our client list and receive the benefits of being one of our frequent clients.

Tree Removal Ipswich
Tree Chipping Ipswich

Tree Chipping

The best way to transport the waste caused by the removal of a tree is to chip it and take all the bits and pieces. We can also chip individual branches, bushes and shrubs that are laying around your property and may no longer be useful for you in any way or form. Tree chipping forms a part of the services that we offer when you avail of our tree or stump removal services. We can also save you a trip to Bunnings because the chips make for great fertilizer.

Arborist Services

The Arborist services that we offer also includes maintenance of pest and disease such as termites, cabling and bracing for trees that needs extra support, tree removal, and more! The cabling and bracing of the trees needing extra support will also delay the removal of a tree from you yard.

If you have any other tree related issues do not hesitate to reach out to us, our staff have years of experience and have probably come across whatever it is that is bothering you.

Tree Removal Ipswich

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Choosing the Right Tree Lopping Company

Tree lopping services are essential for maintaining the safety and health of trees in residential and commercial areas. Tree lopping involves cutting branches or removing parts of a tree to promote growth, manage size, or eliminate hazards. It is important to hire professional tree loppers to ensure the job is done safely and correctly. They have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to perform the task efficiently and without causing damage to the tree or surrounding property. Tree lopping services can also help improve the aesthetic appeal of a property by shaping trees to complement the landscape. Regular tree lopping can also prevent potential hazards such as falling branches or trees, which can cause property damage or injury to people. Overall, tree lopping services are an investment in the safety, health, and appearance of trees and properties

So, why choose Pro Tree Services Ipswich over any other company?

  • Affordable and reasonable pricing
  • Highly qualified and experienced arborists
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
Tree Care Ipswich

Tree Care

Tree care services are essential for maintaining the health and safety of trees in our communities. These services include pruning, trimming, removal, and disease management. Pruning and trimming services help to remove dead or damaged branches, improve tree structure, and promote healthy growth. Removal services are necessary when a tree is dead, diseased, or poses a safety hazard. Disease management services include diagnosis and treatment of tree diseases to prevent further damage or spread to other trees. Tree care services also help to enhance the aesthetics of our landscapes and increase property value. It is important to hire a professional tree care service with trained and certified arborists to ensure the safety and health of your trees.

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