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Why Is Stump Removal Important?

Why Is Stump Removal Important?

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Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard. They provide shade, a sense of privacy, and curb appeal- but what will happen if the tree needs to be cut down? What should you do with all those unwanted tree stumps? The issues of tree stumps can range from unsightly re-growth to disease. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make sure your property is safe and attractive again after cutting down a tree.

When most people think of tree service they think about tree cutting and maybe even some tree pruning but many tree service companies, do tree stump removal as well.

Stump removal is an important tree service to have done as soon as possible because tree stumps can be a big problem. Tree stumps can cause all sorts of problems and it is best to get them removed before they do any damage. This blog post will explore why tree stump removal should be your priority if you’re removing trees and what the benefits are for taking care of this tree service first.

Tree Stumps

Stumps are an eyesore. They make your property look overgrown and messy, and can be dangerous for children who might play around them, especially if they’re sharp or there’s a chance of falling on one while climbing the tree above it.

Tree stumps are a tripping hazard for everyone around the tree, it can also attract termites and other insects which will cause more damage around your home. Tree stumps are dangerous to kids and pets. When a tree is cut down, the stump is left in the ground which can be dangerous because it may topple over or become unstable.

For example, if you have small children that like to play outside then they need to know not to climb on any trees or touch their trunks. This way they won’t get hurt by falling branches or an errant step off of the edge of a rotten stump.

They also tend to spread their roots further underground causing more problems. You will need to hire a professional tree service company to remove them for you. Homeowners need to understand what it takes to remove these unwanted trees before they decide whether or not the process is worth it.

Tree Stumps Hazzard

When it comes to dangerous items, most people think about sharp knives or poisonous chemicals. But there is one more thing that you should be careful with. People often forget that things like planks of wood can also turn out to be dangerous if they are not used properly. So today we will try and answer the question on the dangers associated with tree stumps.

It’s dangerous when someone cuts down a tree with its roots still intact, including all that soil around it! Many people think the stump is dangerous because they can be unstable. However, it’s dangerous when you have children who like to play outside and don’t know to climb on trees or touch their trunks. This way they won’t get hurt by falling branches or an errant step off of the edge of a rotten stump.

Tree stumps are dangerous for kids and pets when a tree is cut down; this leaves behind its roots with the soil surrounding it! Many people consider them dangerous due to being unstable but – if small children are playing outdoors that do not know not to climb on trees nor touch their trunks, they might get hurt from falling branches or taking one false footstep onto the side of a rotting stump.

Tree stumps are dangerous to walk over. They can be slippery because of the moss or dirt built upon them, unstable because they have been worn down by weathering and erosion, uneven due to hollows underneath them, and poorly placed for walking around in general. Tree stumps may also present an obstacle that you cannot avoid when taking a trail through the woods. All these dangers combined make tree stumps something hikers should keep their eyes out for at all times while hiking.

Stump removal is necessary to prevent pests, water drainage issues and for aesthetic reasons. It is the best way to avoid these problems.

Tree Stump Removal

Your property will look much better once you get rid of those tree stumps! -Once the stumps are gone, you’ll have more room and be able to plant new trees or plants.

Removing stumps is not always easy to do by hand unless you have the proper equipment. Stumps can get in the way of planting new trees or plants. Tree stump removal can be dangerous because of the chemicals used to kill them and how deep they go into the ground. Trees can be removed in a variety of ways. They are typically cut down with tree removal equipment, but what about the stump? It’s not always possible to remove trees by hand or even small machinery.

The stumps should be removed as soon as possible so that these problems do not become worse than they already are. If you have many tree stumps, getting rid of them all at once is sometimes a better option than removing them one at a time. Once the stumps are gone, you will have more space to work with and be able to plant new trees or plants. If your property is on a hillside, stump removal can help prevent erosion from occurring over time as well as being beneficial for landscaping purposes.

It is important to remove stumps from your property because they can cause a variety of problems. Not only do stumps provide hiding places for unwanted pests, but they also create an environment where it is easy for disease to spread. There are many reasons why stumps should be removed including the following:

  • Stump roots can extend deep into the ground and damage pipes or sewer lines which leads to costly repairs.
  • The stumps can serve as a breeding ground for insects such as termites that will infest your property, home, and belongings if not taken care of properly.
  • The stumps will increase the risk of flooding in areas with heavy rainfall by holding water in place on top of them instead of allowing it to soak into the ground.
  • Stumps can also grow new trees and create a lot of damage if not removed properly

Removal of a tree stump is better to be done before planting a new tree because the tree hole isn’t deep enough yet, a space for another tree or plant of choice to be added in its place is left behind whenever there is a stump is removed.

Tree Stump Removal Benefits

While it is true that there are some benefits associated with this process, one must also realize that some of these benefits may be merely personal preferences and no benefit to you at all.

Leaving a tree stump in place also has its associated. For example, a tree stump can benefit the environment by providing shelter for organisms such as insects and animals to live on. In addition, some species of birds may even use these stumps as nesting sites so they will not have to build their nests from scratch every single year (and sometimes multiple times per year). Furthermore, the decaying process of a tree stump can benefit plants by giving them nutrients that will help their growth, and in some cases, these stumps may even benefit your garden.

But there are also benefits in having them removed, thus, one must weigh in their choices. The following are some of the benefits of having the stump removed.

One benefit would be the aesthetic look a freshly cut tree stump provides. This is especially true if it has been a long time since your last cutting down process. A newly sawed-off trunk will reveal an intricate pattern that can add interest to your landscaping.

Another benefit would be the benefit to your yard, which may have been ravaged by the tree roots for years or even decades prior. Removing these old trees can help prevent damage caused by their structural instability and possible collapse due to wear and tear.

Tree Stump Removal Services

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In addition to tree cutting and tree pruning tree stump removal services using a variety of techniques depending on the size and type of tree being removed from your property or community are also often performed. For smaller stumps, a bucket truck is used but for larger trees with bigger stumps more heavy-duty equipment may be required such as chainsaws attached to excavators which can rip out even large tree roots that pose significant hazards if left behind.

Hiring a landscaping company to remove your stumps is usually much cheaper than hiring someone to do it by hand as well as more efficient and time-saving.

Having an experienced company like to take care of removing dangerous limbs and branches quickly prevents them from falling onto roofs or into power lines creating disruptions throughout entire communities while simultaneously making it easier for homeowners to maintain their property.

Tree stump removal is not only for tree service companies, but homeowners can also take care of tree stumps themselves with the right tools and equipment but it’s important to note that when you are using a chainsaw or excavator be sure there are no power lines nearby as they could pose significant hazards if accidentally cut which is why tree trimming should always have professional help.

Stump Removal Methods

Tree Stump Grinding, Chemical Treatment and Burning

There are many ways to remove a tree stump from your yard or garden area when the uprooting was unsuccessful. If you want to reuse part of the root system for landscaping purposes in another spot then methods of grinding, burning or chemical treatment will allow you to transplant the whole root system.

They can be used in different combinations or individually depending on the size, age and health of your tree. This allows you to decide which methods work best for your situation as well as reuse part of the root system by transplanting it into another spot.

Chemical Treatment

There is an option for getting rid of tree stumps that will work well whether you have access to large machines or not – chemical tree stump removal products. You can use these products when it comes time to lay your foundation and build your home, so they’re worth looking into if you need help removing tree stumps from your property.

In this method, a herbicide is injected into the tree stump near ground level and then water is added to stimulate microbial action that breaks down lignin in woody plants and kills microbes living inside the cells. Microbes include protozoa, bacteria and fungi. A chemical solution is injected into the tree stump near ground level a few weeks before a new plant bed will be installed over top of it allowing for microbes to break down lignin in woody plants which kills them from within their cells.

The main thing you’ll want to do when using chemicals on tree stumps is avoid contact between wood and the product itself. This means you’ll want to drill a hole through the tree stump’s centre so that it can absorb as much of the product as possible. After placing your tree stump removal chemical in the drain hole and waiting for at least 24 hours (48 is preferable), simply remove the tree stump by hand or with small machinery. You should be able to do this easily if you’ve applied enough chemicals underneath first!


There are manual methods or power tools to grind the stump into small pieces that are easy to remove. Some of these methods include manual methods using a machine called an ax-grinder which turns in circles on top of the tree stump chipping away at it with an abrasive blade attached, while others attach diamond-tipped chainsaws, drill bits, and saws to power tools to cut through the stump.

You can also remove tree stumps by grinding them with a stump grinder, which is an attachment for most riding lawn mowers and some tractor models. These grinders cut into tree stumps to allow you to dig out their roots more easily than with other methods such as chain saws.

But before removing tree stumps this way, check your local laws because there may be restrictions on using these grinders in particular areas where they might damage nearby plants or pipes that run underneath sidewalks and driveways. You could also hire a professional tree service company like ours to take care of any removal needs throughout New Hampshire: we use high-powered tree grinders to quickly remove tree stumps of all sizes.


The methods of burning are conducted by digging a hole around the base of the tree and filling it with diesel fuel or gasoline which is then ignited, scorching all above-ground roots in its path creating an open wound that allows for easy access for microbes to enter inside cells causing them to die off.

It might seem like having your stump burned makes sense. After all, stumps do contain a lot of energy that would otherwise go to waste. If you burn the stump in your backyard it could reduce pests like termites and ants by not allowing them any wood for their nests. They also give off carbon dioxide which is known as a greenhouse gas when burned, but this does little compared to how much carbon dioxide your lawn is producing. The carbon that a tree puts into the atmosphere when it’s alive and growing can also be included in its total contribution to global warming if you burn it down.

Other uses of a tree stump

Stumps can be used in a variety of different ways once they have been removed from your property. They make great planters for succulents, small cacti, and other potted plants. You can add stumps to flower or herb gardens to add height and interest.

If you’re into crafts, well-shaped tree stumps can be made into things like stools, lamps, or even birdhouses. You can also use the wood from tree stumps to make smaller items such as decorative boxes and other objects that require an interesting shape.