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The Ultimate Guide In Removing A Tree Stump

Having to successfully cut down an old, dead and unwanted tree is a great achievement. This can also be very beneficial to you and your property. However, there is also a small problem other people have to face after cutting down their trees; removing the remaining parts of a tree or a tree stump.

Why Remove A Tree Stump?

Removing a tree stump is also very important since it might be small but can give you lots of problems. For one, it can still be a home for insects like termites and ants. The roots are also attached to the tree stump which can cause lots of troubles to you or your family members. For example, small children can trip on a root. It is also very unattractive to look at and can decrease the value of your property.

How To Remove A Tree Stump

Removing a tree stump left by an old tree is pretty easy as long as you know how to remove it and have the right tools and materials at the ready. In case you don’t know what to do with your tree stump, you can follow the steps we have provided below:

  1. Prepare the right tools and materials needed when removing your tree stump such as shovel, heavy steel digging bar, small bow saw, large bow saw, mattock, gloves, safety goggles, axe, and steel toed leather boots.
  2. Dig around the tree stump with the use of your mattock.
  3. Once you have softened the dirt around it, shovel the dirt away until you see its roots. Make sure to clear it thoroughly.
  4. To start chopping the tree roots, use the other end of your mattock.
  5. Dig your way until you reach the end of the root which is the taproot.
  6. Using an axe, chop the taproot until it’s gone and out of sight. You can also use a bow saw to remove it. The bow saw you will be needing depends on the size of your tree.
  7. Chop all the remaining wood until it is nothing but tiny pieces of barks.
  8. Put them in a trash bin and let the garbage collector take it away.
  9. Or you can use these chopped woods to become fertilizers to your other plants and trees.

If you need help with removing your tree stump, you can also ask professional help from tree removing companies that offer services such as tree stump removal. They know how to deal with it and can also save you lots of time.

Other Ways To Remove A Tree Stump

If you find the steps above quite demanding, you can also see the list of other ways to remove a tree stump we have listed below:

  • Use chemicals – removing a tree stump is a new method that is trending right now. However, this method can take months or maybe a year.
  • Burning the stump
  • Use a stump grinder
  • Call a professional and experienced tree stump removing company