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Finally removing the tree that has been causing you issues, giving you yard a completely different look, there’s more natural light coming in, your view is cleared of any obstruction, and you also have a big, ugly stump smack bang in the middle of your garden. Leaving it in your yard for too long will only give it the chance to come back to life and start growing again, it may become a home for ants, termites or other pests, and a good chance that someone may trip and themselves on it. Then you have to realize why that stump really needs to go!

Stump removal can be a very tough process, considering to have the stump ripped out will leave behind a big, ugly hole to fill in. Sometimes the roots of these trees would go down deeply that tree grinding is most likely the best option left for you.

Does It Make A Mess?

Stump grinding usually leaves a mess but we are happy to clean it up for you, and if you prefer that we take all the wood chips with us we will do so. But wood chips will also make for great garden mulch if you prefer that we leave it with you.

Can I Do It Myself?

You might be tempted to rent a grinder and do it yourself, but this is something that should only be done by trained professionals. A grinder can be a very dangerous machine, wood chips will be sprayed into yours or a loved ones face, or the worst case scenario is losing a body part to a rapidly spinning part of the grinder. If you don’t know what you are doing you could also damage the machine which will cost you even more.

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Advantages of Grinding VS Stump Removal

Grinding can be the best option in some situations, but certain circumstances would really require stump removal. Generally stump grinding is preferred but a stump in areas that are hard to access or when the surface is too steep removal is better.

Stump grinding has the added bonus of filling in the stump holes with wood chips, giving you a fresh new garden bed to work on. Using the woodchips is environmentally friendly and a way of recycling materials. Grinding allows us to remove long reaching roots which may go wide and deep because it is more flexible and removal is easier.

Is Stump Grinding Worth It?

People who have not yet tried stump grinding often asks if it is worth it. As we have already said we will advise you and provide you with options to choose from. It is definitely a case-to-case basis. Stump grinding is worth it in some situations but not in others. We will try to give you a good idea of what you expect out of the final result and it is up to you to see whether it is worth it or not.

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